Monday, November 1, 2010

Lovely day

Get up, stand up.
Get outta bed.....even if it's 50 degrees outside. You have to get Sam to the train.
Wait....he's not even up yet!

Oh! yea.....Monday morning after a great weekend. Here I am looking at the week ahead knowing the best place to start is with a walk. Usually I would walk right into the kitchen and pour a cup of coffee. Today, it's a new chapter. Walk first. Then breakfast.

I have thought that it is silly, just plain silly, to drive to a place to go for a walk. I am changing my tune about that. If I walk near my house I can get onto some trails and some areas without lots of cars zooming by. If I drive a little bit I can get to some places with incredible views, birds and cleaner air. Besides, I am already in my car delivering a college student to the cool public transportation vehicle.

This morning Lily and I started a commitment to walk/hike three days a week. If I get this going, I will be on top of the world. I love how it feels and I know it keeps me strong for the long work days ahead. Lily took the photo at Guajome Lake this morning...with her iPhone! Stunning! We have been enjoying this park for many years. We've camped here, had picnics and lots of homeschool park days. The Guajome Marsh is beautiful and the trails are a good level for me to begin this commitment. Guajome is the Kumeyaay word for Frog Pond.
We live in the San Luis Rey Watershed. What's your watershed called? Forget the road names for a while.

We rototilled on Saturday. Right after a lovely rain shower that gifted us another quarter of an inch of rain. It rained a few weeks ago and the ground was absolutely saturated. IT seems that all the forces are in play to continue the successful venture of farming this coming winter! The sunlight is an issue on this north slope so we have a whole new section ready and I am feeling great about it. Broccoli, cabbage and kohl rabi plants will be ready to go in next week.


Be love.....pass it on.

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