Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More rain's a'comin'!

Picture me scurrying about the next few days. With yet more rain in the forecast I plan and move and make ready all of the rain catching projects.

It rained 2 inches on October 19th. With that moisture we roto-tilled the 5 beds that are now planted with some delicious winter items. Why does that matter? Well, when the soil has a little bit of moisture we can use it to our advantage as we continue building the soil strength. Organic matter, like compost, can be more easily tilled in and distributed to the places where the plant's roots can pickup the nutrition. Healthier soil equals healthy food.
The rain has been plentiful this autumn. Two more storms came through after the mid October rain. Unlike years past when the Indian Summer was in full regalia. The hillsides around us are green. It looks a lot like March or April, but for the position of the sun in the sky and the short days! I am glad that I am human and can sort-of figure this out. If I were a tree I would be thinking about putting out flowers....hmmmm.

So, we capture the rain off the roof as best we can with the materials that we have collected from various places. We have watered the citrus trees with it. We have used it to water the houseplants. We even capture some of the mosquito larvae to feed our fish. Its' not for drinking. That would require some major infrastructure.

I added some pictures from yesterday's walk. Gotta love public art!

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