Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dewey morning

What dressing? Why dressing? When I have a salad full of tasty lettuces I just want to eat it without anything on it. I would just gobble that up. I am taking my place in line, like a good gurrl, because that basket has lettuces destined for three kitchens. Grateful loving and precious members/friends of my farm have been patiently awaiting those heads of yumminess!
It is so wet outside that I am gonna wait to harvest the rest of the shares. The fog last night dropped enough water along the walkways (and the veggies) that my wellies came in handy. I got 'em in Alaska almost on a whim. everyone was wearing wellies in Homer. Major fashion statement. The ones I bought are perfect for my climate and I just love them!
When we have wet nights like that I think about the next level of water catchment. Fog traps. In Chile's deserts there are fog traps the collect gallons of water from the atmosphere every night! Astonishing! Yep, that's another project. It will sit on the bottom of the list while I have the luxury of water delivered in pipes!
I must take my leave and deliver Lily to her appointment with her teacher.

Carpe momentum.

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  1. Your such a cutey pie! Love love love you!