Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Wednesday is harvest day. Again!!
Today, Lily and I were on our own, so to speak. Over the last year I have learned to prepare my crew. Telling the progeny about what we need for the farm is the best way to get the results train on the right track. So last night I told Lily that we were starting the harvest early. All the menfolk are busy today!! It's actually kinda mellow around here.
It didn't start off that way.
My first warning should have been heeded. It was the song of the coyote around 5 this morning. Then, the crack of my neighbor's gun. I think its a warning shot that he fires. He's pretty consistent though. I hear the song and then, after this guy bolts outta bed there's the shot. POP!
I wonder if he know it is a felony to kill a coyote. I wonder if he keeps the gun by his bed. Maybe he is just a really early bird who has had way too many cats disappear over the years. Anyway, I am laying there in bed and thinking by some telepathic connection I can tell the coyote that the chicken cafe at the north end of the farm is off limits. No way Jose!
Some time later, after the taxi ride for Sam to the train, I head down the feed the flock.
This is a process that takes some time. We keep the food in a roofless shed, so the steel trash can with the feed inside has to be opened whilst keeping the morning dew off the feed. Two hands...put down the coffee mug!! The flocks are of different ages and are separated so as to avoid the pecking order while they nestle in for their sleep. 5 separate areas in fact. Two gates to open, fill two feeders. Phew....haven't even done the water yet!! Just forget the hot coffee Laura!
OK, now for the pallet cages. We have re-purposed 18 pallets and made 3 cages out of them. THat's Sam putting the finishing touches on one. Pretty smart of Scott and the boyz. One hitch is that one of the pallets has a gap that is not chicken friendly. Three chickens were stuck in that part of the pallet and not too happy about it. I think the coyotes scared them into this jam. Poor dears. I let one loose and it was miffed. The second one was in a worse place and Lily and I had to tear one of the oak planks off the pallet to free it. The third, our treasured Buff Orpington, part of Scott's Folly Flock, (pictured) was already on her way up the spiral. Destined to return as a higher being.
We send blessings for her transition. I think it was a female. I don't know yet because the three remaining Buffs are not clearly showing gender yet.
So, there is more to tell and I just want to keep it a bit shorter for today. I realize that I have some other things that I want to share.

Be well. Be kind.

Share the road!

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