Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Home busy home

We arrived home from Florida last night to a fantastic rain storm. From humid, hot and buggy to real autumn weather. It rains in San Diego County in October. Or, we have crazy storms of wildfires. I'll take the rain. Even if it means that my plans for the garden may change drastically over the next few days/daze.
I harvested eggplant and green beans today while there was a slight drizzle. So odd in my realm of experience. Most days I head outside to get it all done early enough to beat the heat!
Now I am thinking that I should just pull the pepper plants and the beans because I may not get any more production from them. Checking the weather forecast Lily says that we could have high 70's next week. That could be worth the wait for more of those "summer" foods.

Ahhhh! Help me Gaia. What will ye have me doin' out there on yer fertile soil?? Send me a sign.

I am so glad for the rain!! Check out the rain gauge from this morning! It's the most it has recorded since it was placed there. And just in time to pay the latest water bill!!

We have 4 baby chicks. I heard one of them making quite a loud noise for that little tiny body. It had gotten out and was shivering in the cold. Adventurer chick needs a name. Apparently it has been doing this escape thing for its short life.
I want them all to be female, OK Gaia?
Our first flock is molting and not laying any more eggs. I don't want to feed them any more because the organic feed is expensive. Anyone want some non-laying elderly hens? Call me.

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