Saturday, October 16, 2010

Living on the right coast for a few days.

Scott and I traveled to Vero Beach, Florida on Thursday. Southwest Airlines likes to give people the opportunity to visit a stop-off airport along the way to the East Coast. We chose St. Louis. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed sitting in the airport for a wee bit of time. I was delighted to have a bruthah barista at sbux. It was a blessing for me.
We are preparing for Scott's best friend's wedding on Sunday afternoon. I am the officiant. I am the wedding planner. I am the caterer. Great gig, right? Right! I have been having a fun time.

Yesterday was the first day for Stone Crab season and we headed to Tony's Fish Market to pick up our weekend feast. We got a lot of pre-wedding food for our pleasure.
Stone crabs are caught off the coast and their claw is taken off and they are thrown back into the ocean to regenerate a claw. It takes 18 months! Amazing. Sustainable fish. It's tasty. Tonight we had the "rehearsal dinner" and it was soooo delicious. Salad with seared scallops. Outstanding! Last night we had real Gulf Shrimp, wild of course. Thanks to the fishermen for feeding us.
I prepped a lot of the food tonight so I can concentrate on being more present to the ceremony tomorrow. I am crazy about food so if you are reading this and wondering why all the attention to the knew that already, silly.

Scott and Richard have been friends for decades! Richard is Sam's godfather. He has a very special place in our lives. He found his beloved MaryJane and the miracle of love is expanding through them.

Our conversations are all over the landscape around here. Politics takes a big space. Sports a wee bit. Family and food...lot's of that!

That's my intention for this blog.
It is about

The three "f's" of my life.

Oh! And fun....anytime, anywhere, anyhow!

So, thanks for enjoying. This is the life I have been longing to live. It is going on beautifully.

Blessings. Tell someone you love them.

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