Friday, October 1, 2010

Rhapsody 'n muse

Some days are so splendid that I just melt away into it and don't want to come out. The mood is right on. The company is right on. The weather is outstanding. All of the aspects come together to the perfect crescendo.
Yesterday was an epic day with my family. We worked together to create an experience that was beautiful harmony to my ears and my sensibilities. I will always remember it as a time where we moved to new heights together.

I have been living in a dream state of late. It seems that all of the things that I want are showing up and happening for me. Case in point...I am listening to Pandora and Rhapsody in Blue just came on my play list. Post already titled! Insane? Or....Divine....Inspired. I must stay clear and intent. That's my message! Life is listening to me and responding with the goodies!!!

This afternoon I was thinking about how my life is influenced. I mean what influences that I allow from the outside, those that I cultivate and those that I strictly avoid. Like the TV and news. I shelter my brain from the influences that I feel pull me away from my bliss. I can barely listen to the news when Scott is listening. It grates on my nerves. Don't want to be cranky about it. Simply selective! How much do I actually think for myself and how many of my ideas, notions and motivations are created by society and marketers. Curious.

I will muse further and see where it takes me.

I think the best things about this country could be expressed if people were thinking for themselves. Thankfully that's how my friends play in their lives. Free thinkers. I love how they think and where their thoughts take them through their lives. I am inspired.

Make life a masterpiece.

I sing. I love music therefore a rhapsody is more like it for me. The music of my life is glorious and melodic. My rhapsody is playing with perfection. Quiet passages and loud rowdy times. With everything delicious in between.

Be brilliant.
Be love.
Pass it forward.

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