Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An ordinary day

I wake to the strum of harp. Snooze it a few times for measure and gradually, carefully, open my eyes. The morning light was dimmed by clouds. Imagine my delight. No blazing sun to begin the day. That is merciful. Wednesday is a harvest day and I would have to jump out of bed if it was sunny with no clouds just to beat the heat.
The creator's beautiful brush strokes across the sky were the first blessing this morning. (The second blessing was that first coffee sip)! Through the day I gazed as the formations changed and danced in front of the sun. Alternating blazing heat with just the right temperature.

We go through the tomato beds and find some great treasures for our restaurant customer. Tomato fights ensue. Joe's a great shot. We toss tomatoes into the chicken's area. They think that they fall from the heavens.
Our neighbor's turkey has been mooching for a few days and try as I might it still got back over to our side of the fence. Such a bizarre bird to watch having only raised chickens for all these years. It's slower and more deliberate with its steps. The sound it makes is hushed.
As I collect the peppers and eggplants I see the damage from Monday's heat. It was at least 108 and even though I had water going we lost some plants. It was so very dry that all the moisture was sucked right out of them. Amazing. The camellia had a bit of a toasting as well.
Just for fun I counted 10 different items for the CSA shares today. Sometimes my head says there is not enough to harvest. There is always food in those baskets though and I remember about the bounty that we are growing. (That critic again. Shh! Go away. I am doing this right).

I met a man at Lily's school's open house last night. Rather than the usual pleasantries he said "blessings". One simple word with so much energy. I carried the blessing through the night and all the way through today. I kept thinking "How am I a blessing to Life?" All day today I got answers to that question.
I live in a parallel world. Right alongside the madness, driving on the same streets, going through the same checkout lines and sitting at the same tables in restaurants, there I am. I see it all through a lens of curiosity and cooperation is. My desire is to engage in the world from a place of reverence and some kind of happiness. The contagious kind.


Lot's of them

They are all around the eyes of my eyes are opened.
ee cummings

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