Friday, September 17, 2010

Dust Bunnies

The megalopolis and the ancient oaks. My preference is the latter!

I could collect the dust bunnies and turn them into something. Something valuable. Isn't that a delightful thought? Making something out of nothing. I could be doing that today...
The pope sez that the secular world needs to honor Britian's Christian roots. I think he needs a ancient history class. Those roots are pagan, man! Christianity washed up on the shores of my ancestor's motherland rather recently! Come on now! There's no monopoly for the sons and daughters of Abraham.

This week's commutes have been beautifully incongruent. I started the week in the hills with the ancient oaks. Yesterday I sat with the sad commuters on the freeways in Orange County. Yep, I'm grateful for my life. The farms I saw were in all the possible places left to grow food, given the developmentia that is the OC!
Back to the dust bunnies. My house is pretty much lived through and lived in. I have not made time to keep it ready for Martha Stewart or Betty Battenburg to visit. I've got lots of things going on. I muse that if I have 2 solid days I could rock this place to the next level. Yep, right after I can some more salsa, give a tour of the farm to some lovely children, water the get the picture. So, I have a strategy of keeping the main room, the great room as it were, in some semblance of niceness....acceptability in case of drop ins. Just as long as there's a place for Betty to put her purse down and share a nice cuppa.
Figured out who Betty is? She used to be the richest woman in .....Wait! that's too much hinting!
Today I will pace myself. I will get just enough done for one day on this beautiful farm. Keep the transplants damp and get something done from my list of 10,000 things to do!

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