Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's the Day!

Tuesday Morning Disclaimer: This post will contain information that may be uncomfortable for my vegetarian friends to read. Just sayin'! You may not want to read today. Come back tomorrow or the next day.

OK, that said. It's harvest day. Sam has been raising chickens from, well, eggs. His first flock which began hatching over Mother's Day weekend is getting pretty dang big. So today is the day we give thanks for the abundance of the Great Creator and take responsibility for our own production.
You see, I prefer more laying hens than roosters. They are so dang noisy and aggressive. And so yummy! When you raise your own flocks you get about 50% roosters. The balance is that the roosters can be on our table or in our freezer and the hens can keep on producing eggs for us. And man are those eggs yummy!
I am not gonna post photos 'cuz that's just gross and if you want to do this yourself there are plenty of places on the internet that show you how. The process is pretty easily done as long as I am organized. Well, we are organized. Sam will do most of the work and Scott and I will support.
This is a great big step for us. We have been talking about growing most of our food for a long time. We accomplished a lot this summer including growing chickens for food. This is tremendous. Our forebears thought nothing of it. Some people have been grossed out when I have told them. What's gross is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Ewwww!
Ah! yes. The industiral food model is my inspiration. Just say no and gimme some land and I will grow delicious nutritious food. Now I'd like more land. Seems I could have more families enjoying this so I am calling forth my next plot of land with water and plenty of room to grow and cultivate.
Oh! Oh! Now I've done it. Seatbelts everyone. Here comes more Good!!!

Blessings for your day and the gift of these beautiful chickens. I am grateful.

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