Sunday, September 12, 2010


Rollin' through the Anchorage airport and it's almost Sunday here. For some reason Alaska Airlines enjoys gathering people for flight arrivals and departures after 12 midnight. Curious indeed. We are flying out when I should be dreaming. So I'll dream while I'm awake. I'll dream about getting back to Alaska for another trip. The scenery here is so extremely beautiful. The words cannot even describe the splendor. Another day to fall in love with the Creator's handiwork.
I forced myself out of bed this morning to watch the sunrise. I like the potential of being upright so early. Upright, bundled up against the cold and walking is even better. The trail was insanely steep and I was sporting my new rubber boots so it was a bit sketchy in a few spots! The glacier had been hiding all week under various cloud formations. Not today. It was splendid as the sun slowly rose above the mountains. One of the most beautiful sights of my life. Thanks for bringing me along Scott.
We grazed at the farmer's market today and had a great time watching the locals shop and chat with the growers. The food was great, plentiful and beautiful. A fiddler played a tune for us all called "Liberty". Lovely to walk through the market with sweet music playing above the din of the activities.
Liberty...a great thought on this date.
I have been considering some liberties of mine these last few days:
Driving in a car by myself, wearing my choice of head covering, eating at a table in a restaurant, separation of church and state, traveling alone, making decisions about my business, disagreeing with my husband, living spiritually rather than religiously (am I? I have to give more consideration to that thought)
Living without tyranny. That is liberty.

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