Friday, September 24, 2010

Bringing it forth

My big long day yesterday kept me from writing. It didn't keep me from thinking though! I have volumes that could be written about the day. You see, somewhere in my DNA I have it is encoded to live each day so fully and completely so that not a breath is wasted or a thought unreviewed.

I own my farming business and of course I have a job. A job that supports my farming habit!
I worked at that job all day yesterday. Visiting with people whose lives are all across the spectrum of,!
The common thing is that we are all seeking happiness. We just don't always get to that thought. There are way too many thoughts and activities in the way that cloud the view.
Take these two guys I saw yesterday. I'll call em Mack and Jack. Mack and Jack are deeply engrained in the conversation about how bad government and regulations are. So bad that they started giving me grief about it. Well, baybee. They had something coming if they thought that I was gonna be their punching bag or that I was gonna jump into agreement and a lousy feeling conversation about it.
So, being the polite goddess that I am I excused myself to the restroom and prayed. Oh! ya, I did! Bring it forth and let's enjoy this time together. Let's find happiness. And why not? I don't have time to be grumpy. There is an adequate amount of that going around and I can be a mighty big domino for joy.
As the meeting rolled on things were lighter and efficient...I was working you know! It ended well and I didn't get to be their enemy. We became colleagues working together to grow yummy food.
Click, there goes another domino.
Lookout grumps. I've got an army of positive thinkers in cahoots with me. We are living our own constitution......Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. This is no trivial pursuit. It takes focus!

Now, imagine this.

You move to a new neighborhood and you keep trying the key to your house. It won't work. Why? Because the houses look the same and you can't remember which one is yours!
Biggest laugh of my day.

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