Monday, September 13, 2010


I am re-wrapping my brain around my deeply ingrained Southern California sensibilities this morning. I know that I live in a crowded area full of cars and people and all that stuff. Where I am with all of this today, though is culture shock, or how did I choose this?
I was immersed in the natural splendor of trees and beautiful clouds and glaciers for God's sake!! Glaciers. I traded the trees in for cars.
Flying over LA in the daylight on a Sunday afternoon looked really gray. The sun was shining and the reflection from the ground was miles and miles of concrete. Industrial buildings and freeways. People love it there. The images always show the swaying palms in Beverly Hills. I think a shot above Crenshaw is more like the complete picture. Lots of energy of all kinds stuffed into a few hundred square miles. Its like some horrible sausage without any flavor. Blech.....
To put the smile back into my heart I just look across the San Luis Rey Valley and see the farm fields. Newly covered and ready for the fall strawberry planting. The huge tomato farm is bright green with the late crop. None of that food compares to the flavor we are growing's just great to be looking at it again and growing my sweet little spot 'o God.
The progeny team did a spectacular job of keeping things rolling forward. I am crazy about them and deeply grateful to be home with them. Autumn is a magical time for renewal after all the summer's craziness.
The melons are delicious. My first foray into sweet water packages. The one pictured was split on the ground and I can take a hint!!
O! yea. So I can forget and get it over with. The Rogue was on our flight from Anchorage to Portland. That is really all I wanna say about it. Here, anyway. Buy me a beer and we can discuss!!

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