Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seeds screaming "PLANT ME".
Chickens screaming "FEED ME"
Roosters just showing off!
The last week of summer is dawning and I know that the real summer heat is on its way. That's how it happens here. Indian Summer might as well be renamed SoCal summer. It's a wardrobe challenge each morning. I want to wear long sleeves and don't need 'em by 10:30! But I have to keep the long sleeves on so that my arms don't become one huge freckle! I am happy to have a great hat collection to shade my eyes.
I am headed outside for a tomato treasure hunt. The high grade fruits are gone and I get to peer through all those vines to find my gold, red and orange treasure! I do yoga and stretching while I am working on all these farm tasks. It's the only away I can get myself to exercise regularly.
I am learning how to put photos on here so you can see the deliciousness. Today's photo shows a recent harvest for our favorite Slow Food restaurant. Boxes of yumminess and potential in the hands of a great chef and his staff.

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