Saturday, September 18, 2010

To Market We Go

The most fun that I can have on my farm:
Showing the food off to curious children. It's a blast to see their little eyes light up and the wheels start spinning.
Yesterday my friends brought their sweet children to check out where their food grows...a little bit of it anyway. We picked their order together and everyone had a great visit. The boy wants to raise horses, goats and hogs. A compassionate farmer in the making...with deference to my vegetarian readers. Later in the evening they sent me a photo of their dinner! I love it. My family takes so many photos of our food. Glad we are not alone in enjoying sharing the fun of a yummy meal. I could practically smell it!
Girl child is cooking up her third dinner for 50 tomorrow so we headed to the farmers market today for some ingredients. We are growing so much food but its not on this month's menu. It's great to see her intuitive cooking skills come out. She'll make potato leek soup and yummy salad with her four friends and the adults will be awed.
The farmers market was a festival today. Said hi to my other fave blue eyed farmer, Peter. He raises yummy shallots and onions and was kind enough to sell us our Thanksgiving turkey last year. Kudos. We waited in a long line of cars to get into the market. How cool is that? So may cars in the parking lot means that lots of the townsfolk are enjoying good fresh local and regional food.
So, I am in an interesting place with this experience of my life. I have stepped into a quasi-public arena with this blog and I am ruminating on the purpose of it. That's my high minded way of saying that I think I have a calling to share some ideas on how to live in this modern world. So that's what you are in for. My intention is to entertain myself and if you are entertained and perhaps inspired in the process, fantastic!
My friends have been encouraging me to get this going....for years actually. They feel that I have some ideas and tidbits to share. One person's way of life that is mindful. Well, for sure my mind is full. Way too full! So, filter and process and delight and inspire. I am so deeply into my life of parenting that I must inspire! It's just a big part of what I do.
Sending love and compassion out into this beautiful diverse and magnificent world.

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