Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday-making it a fun day

Some mornings I wake up in great anticipation of the day's activities. Today was not one of those days. Maybe it's because I have so many activities thatI don't know where to start. A to do list...that'll set my head straight. And maybe another cup of coffee. Or is it a tea day? I'll put that on the list too. I am the decider today. Deciding where to go with my business and subsequently my life's activities.
Having a home based business that involves growing food seems like a great thing, right? Happy customers, happy farmer. Food galore equals yummy dinners and lunches and breakfasts. It is an all consuming thing. The food I don't share, needs to be cooked, preserved or...or what? I have platters and platters of tomatoes on the counter with slight blemishes that are wanting to be made into salsa and sauce for winter. I can get to that this week. That's going on the list.
We have finished our third quarter of growing and it was wildly successful. I am calling it that! So there! (I'm mentally spanking the voice in my head. It is never quite enough for that voice so I gotta smack it down). We grew the most delicious tomatoes and oh! man were they beautiful too. Now the peppers are bursting forth and I am blown away at how beautiful they are.
I love this sweet little farm on the edge of the city. It is lovely to be on this patch of fertile ground. Now it's time to move summer's crops out and get into the juiciness of creating cool weather crops. Thus the to do list. What do I grow? How much space do I have. How can I grow enough for all of the people that want our food.
I am stretching my imagination today. I am gonna put some wild things on my to do list. And....they will get done. I proved that to myself this summer. I am building a good strong business and it is wildly successful.
Time for tea. I decided.


  1. Hey!

    Good to see you in the blog-o-sphere Goddess!

    Send Ketchup,


  2. Love the blog Laura. It is fascinating to folks like me who spend their day in other worlds. Keep growing! it is sooo important - what you are doing!
    Love love Alice

  3. Sweet support....How fantastic!!