Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My valise

I have a valise. It's virtual at this moment. It isn't something that I can carry on my arm.
It looks like an overnight bag. The most lovely one my imagination can think up.
Tan in colour.
I know, that's a u. It's included due to my upbringing. Deal.

It's the same colour as my coffee. The valise that is. The straps allow me to carry it on my arm or my shoulder. The straps are similar to those of a satchel. There have embossed buckles, silver mind you, and they fit just so into their clasps.
Open the bag and inside there is a record, evidence actually. It's a page by page declaration of Good things. All of the times that I have been taken care of. All of the times that I have been fed...on all levels. There are pictures of how I have continually had great advantages provided to me.
The record counters all of the mind games that my head can play.

I keep this valise handy.

Anytime I am looking for something. Something really Good and juicy, I open it up.
I find just the right thing. A nibble to keep me going.

Come on imagination.....
Bring it on!

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