Monday, September 27, 2010

Deep heat

Stepping out of the van in Fallbrook yesterday was a delicious experience. It was so hot that my marrow was heated. Deep heat. I stood there embracing it and breathing it in...for about two minutes.
Then I dashed into the nice cool air conditioned building. I call it the blessing of living in the first world.
We finally have some heat. The kind that makes tomatoes juicy and sweet... and drives me inside the house to my computer and note pads. Planning and recording.
Last year we slept with the slider open and one sheet on the bed for weeks and weeks. This weekend was the first time for that!

Seeds are ordered...finally! It took me two full weeks to sit down and get the order done. Do I procrastinate? Perhaps. Do I put too many things on my to do list that have priority? Oh! yes. No need to be mad at myself. I rest in the notion that all things are Good and that I am moving forward with happy little seedlings coming along in my greenhouse.
Seeds are the pure potential of autumn and winter meals! Some girls like catalogues with shoes. Some like home decor. I love seed catalogues. My mouth waters in anticipation. The experience of planting those seeds and just a few weeks later harvesting the food is beyond words.

For four years I lived in a house where my cranky landlord was not interested in having his lawn be torn out to produce food. This guy was happy to microwave his frozen dinners and deep down I don't think he had any respect for farmers. He's a plumber. Just sayin'! We all have our contribution to make.
Living in that house was the time that I focused my farming energy and picked up a lot of information from conferences and colleagues. I knew that I would find a great piece of land and make a go of it. I was yearning for exactly what we have going on now. Enough food for us, although I think that I still shop a little too much for staples, and enough for our friends and some restaurants. I just had to keep myself focused on what I wanted.
It's idyllic and it's hard work.

I love it!

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