Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Homing in

It's grand to visit somewhere far from home. A town can be full of great people and all you have to do is find 'em! I usually start at the local coffee house or eatery. If it's the same place all the better. Fill up on a good meal and some local info and off you go!
I found myself in a footwear fiasco today. The ground is so very wet and I had already put the Ugg in ugly. I hope they recover from the walks up and down the hill to our cabin.
We are visiting Homer, Alaska. Scott is conferencing and I am, well let's say today is all about dolce far niente. Doing nothing. It's a task I tell you. I have spent the last 8 months doing the exact opposite. So today I donned a new pair of rubber boots and set off on a walk around a beautiful slough. I lived near the one in Point Loma in the 80's. It's a beautiful waterway where one can enjoy the birds doing their birdy things.
I imagine this place has busier days than today. Just the same it was enjoyable. I saw swans.
Glaciers are part of the view here in Homer. Breathtaking. Awesome, yes in the real sense of the word. Great Spirit knows how to make beauty. It's everywhere I look. Just over this computer on which I type is, not the guy....the mountains and the ocean!!
This is my first official blog post. I am encouraged by my personal queen of bloggers, Poolie. She planted this seed the other day and since then I just couldn't get it off my mind. It's been brewing in me for a while anyway.
If you don't mind (like I want your permission...) I'll be writing the things that come up to share. I'll be all over the place because I am. Physically and mentally. I'm grateful for the plae to do this and ready to roll.
We are staying at a hostel on a farm outside of Homer. It's a suuuuper rustic little, emphasis on little, cabin where we barely fit onto the bed. The view is so magnificent I will not even attempt to find the words. I can see glaciers and amazing mountains. All the while watching the tide retreat in the Kechmak Bay at a rate so fast you can actually see it happening. You see it's new moon today and the tides are so extreme that they are stunning to witness.
Yesterday, after we arrived while sharing an Alaskan Stout, Scott looked over my shoulder and spotted a Bald Eagle. He was perched not 50 feet from us and there he stayed. We watched each other on and off for a long time. On the bay a sweet otter was enjoying his supper.
All of these things happened while the world spun and people rushed around in their fast paced lives.

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  1. YES! You are in blogland and you are writing! It's the most amazing thing! I am adding you to my blogroll right this minute!