Tuesday, October 5, 2010


What is an American?
Geographically speaking there are two continents of folks with many countries, languages, dialects and peoples. However, the popular culture in which I find myself living thinks the USofA has all of the Americans. WRONGO BUCKO!!
Today I had the pleasure of working with an American from Sinaloa. Technically a Mexican, right? Well, that is what the snippy media would have us believe. This man was born on the American Continent, as was I! So we both are Americans!
Just sayin'!

The popular culture and media are making a different distinction for folks that live outside of the borders of this country on the American continents! Curious! Maybe not clear...but curious!

We worked on the fall switcheroo today. Tomatoes pulled out to get ready for cool weather plantings to go in. Lotsa labor for my body. My mind thinks I'm still 25 and can knock this stuff out....then I remember the reality of how I have paced myself this year and how well my body has been serving me. So, the wisdom is to find the best person possible to assist with the harder tasks. Enter Alfonso. The Universe's gift to my farm tasks today.

Hiring a day laborer is a familiar activity for North County Farmers, any farmers. We have extra jobs and need extra hands. Someone young enough and strong enough to not be cursing me at the end of the day and for three days later. Don't need that karma. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that hard of work-just enough work!
We met at "the spot" nearby. You know the one. It's a street corner with lots of hombres standing there ready to get the job done (or not)!

We scope out the scene and get out of the car to engage with the gentlemen. We know who we want to hire. He has a bag with a snack...smart guy...and good boots. He steps forward and tells us his name.
One of Lily's two Godfathers is Alfonso.
It's a sign. Say yes and see how your day goes.

I am so happy with how my day went that I wanted you to know something about it.

This post is entitled dignity because this is how we treat each other in a world that is working. The one where I live. With dignity. We work side by side, we break bread together, we have fun dancing in each other's languages and we make the world a better place.

One day at a time. One connection at a time.
All of this on my sweet granjita. My little farm.

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